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IT outsourcing has come a long way. Back then, the term was the same as offshoring, or moving your organization's processes abroad in order to spend less on labor costs. This time, IT outsourcing means partnering with other companies like subcontractors in order to improve services, get new clients, and benefit from innovations as a result of competition. Strategic business outcomes can be achieved.


Network Planet Inc. knows that you want your firm’s staff to get the support they need whenever you get technology updated. You also want them to acquire positive and productive practices and be able to adapt to new programming languages.

We are aware that our clients are required to reconsider their team structure when encountering new IT solutions. To develop your technological direction, you have to listen to objective and unbiased opinion. Every now and then, your staff is required to be trained on new programs, software, or tools. In case your firm made some upgrades or changes, your staff has to be informed and trained accordingly to ensure continuity. There are also instances when you need to change the work methods of your team.

We can help you in all the situations mentioned above. Network Planet can design and administer a migration strategy for both technology and software. We can create and set up positive development procedures. We can assess your cloud computing, virtualization, and local servers and give you recommendations to improve your technology architecture. We can also give strategic IT coaching for your IT teams and managers.


Just as you would not let an amateur driver get behind the wheel of a state-of-the-art race car and hope for a first place finish, you should not let a novice programmer get his hands on the latest, ultra-high tech software and expect a smooth and perfect program. For both scenarios, you will need specialists.

Network Planet is proud to say that software management is one of our specialties. We enable you and your organization to understand and make the most of the ever-changing technologies available. Our IT outsourcing services are designed for pioneers who want to go beyond the limits of technology and take advantage of the latest advances for their firm to succeed. We can show you how to improve the performance of your applications within your budget and without major software code changes. Sometimes, software performance issues are caused by external factors like operating system configuration and CPU pipelining. We will put our software management expertise to work to solve all related issues.


Network Planet's desktop management offers non-stop, round-the-clock full coverage preventive maintenance services for your business computers. To ensure maximum performance, security, and productivity for your desktop environment, updates are scheduled regularly and automatically. Desktop optimization is achieved by daily antivirus and spyware scans and their removal. Temporary files are deleted every day as well. All these are done when your employees are away so that when they get back to work, the computers are ready to operate in tiptop condition.

In addition, NPI offers a comprehensive IT outsourcing solution for the management and support of every computer in your organization. These support plans make sure that your computers are working correctly, safe and secure from disasters and threats. We believe that computers are supposed to help your organization run smoothly and this is the reason we offer our services.

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