IT Consulting Services in Los Angeles, CA

Network Planet Inc. offers IT support and IT consulting that’s crafted for your organization. Our trained and experienced engineers will help solve your company’s problems by fixing errors and removing weaknesses before they turn into problems. Our IT consulting division provides IT design, implementation, integration, and support of network infrastructure, software, security, and cloud base solutions. With 24x7x365 monitoring and technical support, NPI will repair your hardware, guard your data and update your applications.


Network Planet offers IT support services that are built specially for your business. Our team will coordinate with you to come up with a support solution which fits your needs, your budget, and assists your plans to make your business grow. We will begin by asking you about your business, its current status, and what you want it to become in the future. We will make it a point to ensure that your IT will be instrumental in bringing your business where you want it to be.

Network Planet understands that for your IT environment, you are going to look for full coverage support in order to identify and solve problems immediately. We also know that you want to make your support services simpler by dealing with only one vendor to fix all your problems. Most importantly, we know that you want to spend less on support services so that you can invest the money somewhere else.

Our support services can assist you in finding one point of accountability and contact for all that you need in terms of support, because we place all your products in one solution. Through our support services you will be able to make support services simpler and fix issues faster, enhance the availability of your IT environment, and find the most effective use for IT services and products. Network Planet's IT support services include: IT help desk, cloud solutions, infrastructure design and planning, business continuity planning and/or disaster recovery, virtualization, procurement and asset management, network support, IT health checks, reporting and capacity planning, data storage and backup, and IT security.


We help our clients assess various methodology and technology strategies in order for them to align their process or business strategies with their network strategies. Our service support client's IT initiative through the provision of operational, architectural, strategic, and implementation planning in conjunction with their networks.

Our IT consulting experts will help you see the way your business runs from many different angles. This way they can help improve productivity, increase performance, and find areas for growth. In efforts to minimize cost and find business value, a good number of companies are faced with great challenges. Complex and huge investments need equally large and complicated investments of money and time in order to keep them running. Data and function duplication, fragile coupling, and inflexible and disconnected systems only raise the expenses when you need to make some changes. When an organization grows, so does their IT needs and this leads to the confusing mixture of platforms and technologies, which can be very expensive and difficult to manage. As a result, the organization's IT will experience difficulty in adapting to strategy changes and support the requirements of the business. At the same time, the architecture must be able to react quickly to the ever-changing marketplace. With our IT consulting experts and their comprehensive assessments, you will be able to find the best ways to save cost and prepare your organization for the future.

IT consulting Los Angeles, CA