Cloud Services

Cloud computing enables you to run a program or application on many connected computers at the same time. Cloud backup allows you to store your firm’s data and computer files on the Internet through a secure network. Network Planet Inc. offers a comprehensive list of cloud services that we can tailor-fit to meet all your requirements.


It is a well-known fact that data is growing bigger and bigger these days. Audio, video, image, and most other files are taking up larger spaces on hard drives. It has become a real challenge to find sufficient storage space to contain all files and data that has been collected. As a result, people buy larger hard drives while others invest in external storage like hard drives and USB drives. Still, others have no choice but to delete their old files to make room for new ones. There are also others who are getting on the cloud storage or cloud backup bandwagon.

Cloud storage is a means of saving files or data to a third party storage facility that is located away from the premises. In simple terms, you are storing the data to an off-site database instead of saving it on your computer's hard drive. The connection between your computer and the remote database will be the internet.

NPI is a third party cloud services provider that you can count on. We do not only offer affordable rates for private individuals but also for small businesses and large corporations. You can be sure that we can help you find the best cloud backup package to meet your budget and requirements.


Since the introduction of cloud computing by Google and Amazon, many third-party cloud service providers have mushroomed. The conveniences offered by this technology has made it increasingly popular over the last few years. Companies no longer need to build and operate additional servers in their data center because of the computational power and added storage space available. The number of applications needed to run data centers are reduced since cloud services from companies like NPI already have the applications necessary. Another advantage of cloud computing is the lowered electrical consumption as a result of less servers needed in a firm’s data center. Network Planet Inc. understands that each individual, small enterprise, or large corporation needs a cloud computing strategy that matches their service, product, or solution. Whether it is a public, private, or hybrid cloud that you are looking for, you can be sure that we are fully aware of the fact that each cloud computing solution has its own set of benefits and challenges. We also understand that IT organizations have to adjust their work processes according to technologies that have already been established. We will help you make the most of this emerging trend by assisting you in coming up with a cloud computing strategy.

Finding a place where you feel comfortable to get affordable cloud services is difficult. You’ll see nothing but the best cloud services results at Network Planet Inc. With more than twenty years of experience, we will provide you top class cloud services.