Network Management

At Network Planet Inc. we will manage your network and keep it under control. Our experienced IT team provides network security, design, and virtualization. We will manage and protect the most vital components of your business by defending against hackers, viruses, and spyware. Let NPI worry about your network infrastructure, you worry about growing your business.


Network security has become an essential aspect of network management. Email, web and data threats are continuously advancing, which is no longer nonchalant with the security of your network. Your business needs security solutions which control a situation rather than that which only responds after a threat has been detected.

Network security strategies demand more than a simple antivirus. A modern business may face risks in the form of business espionage, hacking, malware, spam, spyware, bandwidth abuse, and web technologies. In order to protect your organization from all these threats, you are going to need plenty of knowledge, resources, and expertise. This predicament can become overwhelming for business owners; for this reason, an increasing number has opted to outsource network security management to reputable IT solutions providers.

A proactive threat management strategy will not be vulnerable because you have prepared your organization and network before anything untoward ever happens. This is what Network Planet is here for.


Network Planet Inc. is the trusted authority in the delivery of top class network infrastructure solutions and services. You, as our client, will only benefit from our extensive experience, as we become your partners in technology. You can depend on us to guide you on cost-efficient and practical solutions, at the same time take advantage of the latest advancements in technology. We know very well that you take great effort in maintaining your network infrastructure. NPI will analyze the operations of your organization and give suggestions to maximize support technologies to reach the goals of your business.

At NPI, we always explain to our clients how their different desktop components work with networking components. Then we develop a plan that you can use to get a return of investment at the earliest possible time. We evaluate your current technology and find vulnerabilities as well.


Network Planet Inc. assists clients in reaching the best return on investment by helping them merge with a virtual environment. Organizations must have control over their infrastructure and find better ways to manage it. Our consultants in network virtualization can help your organization take control of the IT environment and lessen ownership costs by isolating the physical infrastructure into virtualized elements.

Each organization has its own routers, servers, switches, and other essential network infrastructure components, which take up power and valuable data center space. Network Planet can help you reduce power costs as well as the hardware support cost connected to it. Servers, routers, firewalls, and even network security devices can be virtualized now.